Friday, April 03, 2020

Cocktail Hour: A New Old Fashioned

Why is it that lately I either have a photo or something to say, but never both?

The best place to see what I've been up to is to check out my wonderfully low-quality Instagram feed. Lately, it's being updated nearly daily! One of my friends commented that she likes my photos, but that I don't write what's in them... but I do! Usually...

Anyway, back to story time:

In this age of social distancing and #stayhome, my parents have turned to digital happy hours, and on Monday, I thought they asked me if the boyfriend and I would be free on Thursday evening to join them and some friends for one. I'm pretty sure I gave a noncommittal answer, something like "I will be, but he may or may not be around, and if he's around, he may not be able to drink." Fast forward to Thursday. Around 4:45 pm, I realize it's Thursday, and that I still haven't received a Zoom invite from my father. I shoot him a text asking about it and decide I'll use this as an excuse to shower, actually put some makeup on, and wear jewelry, things I haven't done in weeks. Well, I've showered, just not the other stuff.

I get out of the shower and still haven't heard back, so I text my mom, and then go about making my cocktail.

It turns out there was never going to be a cocktail party tonight and I just imagined it.

A New Old Fashioned
makes 1

1.5 oz whiskey (I used TX blended whiskey)
3-4 dashes orange bitters
.5 oz rosewater simple syrup

Place a large ice cube in a glass. Add ingredients and stir.
Stare at wall and consider garnishes, but slip on heels instead, grab a book, and head outside to contemplate being digitally stood up by your parents.