Sunday, February 18, 2007

Dim Sum

We headed down to Chinatown today, which probably wasn't the best idea since it is the Chinese New Year, but we thought it might be fun to see the parade and have some dim sum beforehand.
It was swamped. My cousin and I wandered around the mall while my parents waited at Happy Chef for a table. After almost an hour of waiting we had to decide: dim sum or the parade.
Naturally, after waiting that long and with such a build up of anticipation, the dim sum won.
We did get to see the lions dance though.

12 dishes proved to be more than plenty. I think my favorite would have to be the yummy fried taro balls.

I had no idea what to expect when I bit into it, but they were like any other sort of dumpling, except with a layer of taro.Even though we didn't get around to the parade really, it was fun walking around, though it was really crowded. Plus, with some red bean cakes from a bakery to bring home, luck should be on my side.


Foodiemom said...

Is Happy Chef a good place to go? I am often at a loss for a good spot when I go to Chinatown.

Mar said...

Mom and Dad have been there a few times. If anything, its a crowded spotm(even the non-new year's time I've been there), and that includes Chinese people. That could be a good sign.