Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Food & Wine: Calling All Foodies In Training

Food & Wine has a contest for kid chefs - though of course my parents have to fill out the stuff. You have to submit your child's favorite recipe, and that's where my problem is: I don't have a favorite recipe. I like most that I make, except for some that have problems that I try to fix. Some of the better one are the apple-oatmeal muffins, which I've altered from the magazine recipe to make even tastier and eat with peanut butter to make the perfect combination. But I'm still not sure.

What do you think that I've ever made that looks the best? Any suggestions. The contest form must be mailed by the 14th (this Saturday!)

1 comment:

Foodiemom said...

The muffins look good, but we all loved the persimmon salsa.