Saturday, January 20, 2007

Idea by Me, Breakfast by Dad

While lying in bed Friday night, I was thinking about the contents of the fridge and what I could do for breakfast. We had spinach. A lot of spinach, so I figured I could base breakfast on that. And eggs. (Probably my top two favorite ingredients for breakfasts). I also knew there was a pepper, and mozzarella.
Unfortunately, my nose was in need of constant attention. So I told Dad my idea, put the ingredients on the counter for him (turned out the mozzarella was moldy, but there was shredded cheddar cheese), and went back to attending to my nose. Breakfast went in a slightly different direction, with the addition of onions and garlic which I somehow managed to ignore in my nighttime planning.
I'm pretty sure it turned out yummier with Dad cooking though.

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