Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Tangelo Pork Stir-Fry

Today was an all-out-in-your-face-citrus day. I came to the kitchen table this morning and as I was finding the page in the magazine with tonight's recipe, Mom pulled out the Good Eating section of the paper, graced with images and a centerspread dedicated to citrus. It just so happened to correspond with the day that I planned on trying another recipe out of the same magazine the failed one on Monday came from. But this one used tangelos, so and is part of the in-season citrus spread.
I had a tangelo for the first time last year when I saw some at the grocery store and figured I'd give them a try. Their lack of seeds, easiness to peel, and sweetness made them a regular in my lunch for a month or so. I haven't had any this year, as I've been apple-obsessed (which is odd because I've never really liked apples all that much.)

I guess my head cold is just begging me to go after citrus!

The stir-fry was nice, with a bite that came from the citrus. It is something I'll make again, and probably stray from the recipe, making the zest strips finer than I cut them this time, using a bit more crushed red pepper, and probably some more celery and bell pepper since Dad didn't find it to be substancial enough of a meal.
And I'll serve it alongside rice with flavor-I forgot to salt it. Rice is not something I make frequently.

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