Friday, June 08, 2007

Greasy Bag

It's summer. Well, not the season, but that span of approximately three months between a year of school and another year of school. FREEDOM! I have more time than I know what to do with (read: time spent doing nothing when there is plenty I could be doing.) Mostly I read cute teen romance novels that require little of my cognitive skills and stay inside the air conditioned house except to walk to the library. That being said I'm not at my sharpest. Nor at a loss for time.

Which I guess somewhat explains how after seeing Ocean's Thirteen and splitting up from some friends I ended up walking home with a white paper bag containing a delicious dinner that contained foods that I only wish I could make at home in hopes that they'd be hotter.

At eight o'clock I faced a dilemma I very rarely face at that time: what to do for dinner. Usually I've either eaten by then, or long ago decided what my plans were. I was standing on a busy street corner, and knew I had to get home since darkness was fast approaching and my (unofficial) curfew is nightfall when I'm out and about. I didn't have much time. Ben and Jerry's looked so tempting - but I know an ice cream sundae was not exactly the healthiest nor satisfying dinner, not to mention it looked a bit crowded. And there's food at home. I just couldn't remember, other than a roasted pepper, cucumbers, zucchini, some mixed greens that may or may not be any good still, celery, and yummy dressing (actually, I remembered the dressing right after I'd purchased my dinner.) I could easily make a meal out of the stuff we had at home, because there's more than just what I listed, but I was too tired to think what I could make out of it, and the frozen meal seemed to similar to my lunch today (which was leftovers from last night's meal-not a frozen meal).

I took the easy way out. I decided on fast food: a falafel sandwich and baba ganoush. can't go wrong with that. (Except for the whole fact that cold falafel sandwiches aren't nearly as yummy as when they just make them and the falafel has just been fried.)

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