Sunday, August 26, 2007

Figuring it out

Not having power for 67 hours gave me time to do some thinking.

Actually, I'll be honest. That had very little to do with the thinking. I was walking home from the store this morning with aseptically-packaged milk and some figs, and instead of paying attention to where I was going, I was thinking about, well, a lot of stuff.

One being, why do I have a blog?
I suppose that Just My Dinner is the only thing I do that can not be classified as a chore or schoolwork, no matter how hard you try. Cooking, well, everyone has to eat, and that is just about my only other hobby.
This also serves as an organizational tool. Without it, if I lost the scratch piece of paper I scrawled random ingredient measurements without any details on it for the almond-cherry cheesecake ice cream I made last week, I wouldn't be able to make it again, which I will probably be doing since my dad's friend called to tell me I should. Make it again that is, not lose my papers. He also told me it was runny and he had to freeze it, so I'm sure how much of it he'd had when he said that. We gave it to him since it had been slowly melting in our freezer over the 29 hours before we gave it to him. It seemed like a better plan than throwing it out.

The other reason being that this is my creative outlet. It allows me to, for however small of an audience, display my "work". Mostly, I just like looking back at it, especially when wanting to make something familiar, and it gives me a chance to flex my finger muscles. No, seriously. I quit playing the piano when I was ten; this really is my finger workout. I don't write much, or at least very little for myself anymore, like I used to when I was in fourth or fifth grade. In seventh grade, when I started my first blog, I wrote little. And it was a recount of my day, almost like a diary lacking those details a person would want to remember looking back at it, because I feared a crazy stalker.

When I went to Iran last summer, I temporarily abandoned my blog in favor a newer one just for that purpose. I felt less restricted, it had no history to tie it down and I was freer. Mom said my history teacher had rubbed off on me and I was writing better. I still think I ramble like I'm trying to cover the state in roads, but maybe it has gotten better.

Now, this is the only blog I tend to, and when I'm pressed for time or ideas, or just sleepy, it is evident. The posts are short and dull. Usually those are ones that I've meant to be so rich, writing them in my head as I walk home from the store or school or take far too long in the shower because I forget to wash my hair because I'm so enraptured by the post I'm mentally writing in my head. Of course, by the time I make it to a computer, I've long forgotten it. Much like this post. I wrote it this morning around nine o'clock, but I'm not quite sure what I meant to say.

This is longer than I've meant it to be. And is missing half of what I wanted to say. But we now have our power back. And lots of thawed meat. Not to mention that school is back in session and back pain is once again upon me. Enjoy these days of summer, and if you want something cool to eat, I really do recommend the almond-cherry cheesecake ice cream. Even though I only had a scoop of it before we lost power in the nasty storm on Thursday.

And no, those figs have no recipe attached to them. I was just excited to see some semi-affordable ones and my hopes were dashed by the blandness. But what did I expect. This is the midwest.

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