Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Baked Tofu Farfalle

Mom planned well, but not all plans work out.
We thought that we'd still have to be eating kosher, and to be safe, that means vegetarian meals (or fish, which would be overkill.) It ended up being mom and me, but she still made the recipe that she'd picked out from a year-old issue of Vegetarian Times, with just a few substitutions. She used Italian seasoned baked tofu and plain breadcrumbs, because she couldn't find smoked tofu, and we already had plain breadcrumbs in the cabinet from when I made Baked Mac&Cheese.
I liked the dish. But Mom and I are the only ones who have eaten it. The italian-flavored tofu did add a punch of salt to those bites, but I still thought that it tasted good, warm or cold.

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