Friday, March 23, 2007

A Week Without Grocery Shopping

This has to be a record this yaer. I'm not sure when the last time was that I didn't step foot in a grocery store between Monday and Friday since the start of 2007. But it is true. In an effort to not buy more than we will eat and instead actually eat the contents of our fridge, which is difficult to see, we went to the store Sunday night (all three of us, together!), and after Dad picked out dinner, put some staples in the cart (eggs, milks, english muffins, and maybe a few other things) to survive the week since our fridge was already overflowing, but with nothing to eat (lettuce, cheese, carrots, cheese, apples, cheese, grapefruit, yogurt.)

Somehow we've made it through the week (and okay, we cheated and had dinner at a local pizza place on Tuesday and dinner at a Cosi on Wednesday, but I was at school late, and then I needed to go shopping for pants, so Mom was tired, and I didn't bother trying to come home.)

Last night though, I stole a Just Wave It vegetable side and figured, hey, I can make dinner and mom can make a salad (there's lettuce aplenty).

And mom said it was the best dinner we'd had this week, but the vegetables needed more flavor since I took out the herb butter to use olive oil instead (I forgot about all the fresh herbs in the fridge). I dub it "Skillet Egg Pizza." It was simple, just some assorted veggies from a container, a whole-wheat wrap, some eggs, some milk, topped with slices of fresh mozzarella.

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