Saturday, March 31, 2007

Fish, Seafood, and New Things to Try

I think I've had enough cod to last me a few weeks.
Though I did try bacalla de la mel which I've wanted to try. But I had a cod a million other times/ways as well.
As a tapas, we had something with eggplant, peppers, tapenade, and goat cheese that I can't wait to try to recreate as a first course next time we have someone over, as well as a new recipe for bizcocho de naranja (which I never saw here, but made from a recipe I found in a magazine once) that was in an article in a special all-recipe issue of a magazine I picked up today.

I still have Paris (croissants and baguettes! though I'm sure my parents are going to foist escargot or pate on me) and then finally, meals from a home kitchen again, which after going to Santa Caterina Market, I wished I had over here. Minus the goat heads.

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